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Notable figures associated with Prachatice

Křišťan z Prachatic
Romantický obraz Křišťan z Prachatic návštěvou mistra Jana Husi od Věnceslava Černého., photo by: (* after 1360, † 1439)

Teacher and supporter of Jan Hus, born in Prachatice. Rector of Charles University. Was knowledgeable in many sciences, renowned for his literary work “Composition and Use of the Astrolabe” as well as authoring a Czech herbarium.

Master Jan Hus
Mistr Jan Hus (* 1364–1376, † 1415)

Native of nearby Husinec, evidently gained his basic education in Prachatice. Religious reformer, sentenced to death at the Council of Constance for his teachings and burned at the stake on 6 July 1415.

St. Johann Nepomuk Neumann
Svatý Johann Neumann (* 1811, † 1860)

Prachatice native, missionary, and Redemptorist. Left for New York in 1836, was the 4th Bishop of Philadelphia from 1852–1860. Canonized in 1977.

Gustav Adolf Lindner
Gustav Adolf Lindner (* 1828,† 1987)

Czech pedagogue and philosopher, headmaster of the Prachatice Gymnasium.

Otakar Ševčík
Otakar Ševčík (* 1852,† 1934)

World-renowned violinist and violin teacher. He was in Prachatice from 1903 to 1906, where he led a summer music school.

Alfréd Radok
Alfréd Radok (* 1914, † 1976)

Theatre and film director, native of Koloděje nad Lužnicí, author and creator of Laterna Magika. Studied at the Prachatice Gymnasium in 1930–1932.

Otto Herbert Hajek
Otto Herbert Hajek (* 1927, † 2005)

German painter and sculptor of Czech origin. Born in Nová Huť, studied at the Prachatice Gymnasium.

Milan Šimák
Milan Šimák (* 1953)

Go-cart racerEuropean champion and eight-time champion of Czechoslovakia. Presently manufactures go-cart undercarriages for Europe and other world nations.

Adolf Zika
Adolf Zika (* 1972)

Photographer and filmer, native of Prachatice. Holder of the Czech Press Photo award – sports series (1995), advertising and fashion photo-grapher.