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Museums Prachatice

List of museums in the Prachatice.

Prachatice Museum
Prachatice museum, photo by: Address: Velké náměstí 13, Prachatice
Phone: +420 388 607 226
E-mail: muzeum@pracha­
GPS: 49°0'47.772"N, 13°59'53.75"E | On the map >>
Permanent and period exhibitions.

Czech Puppets and Circus Exhibition - Prachatice
Czech Puppets and Circus Exhibition - Prachatice, photo by: Address: Velké náměstí 43, Prachatice
Phone: +420 388 385 716
GPS: 49°0'44.759"N, 13°59'52.868"E | On the map >>
The history of the Czech Puppets, from the oldest marionettes through to family and club theatres and professional stages. In the second part – in the only Circus Museum in Bohemia – the visitor will see not only posters, photographs and documents, but will also find himself in a circus arena with horizontal bars, a Persian bar, single-wheel bicycles, juggling tools and circus costumes.

Museum of bobbin laces
Museum of bobbin laces, photo by: Address: Poštovní ul. 178, Prachatice
Phone: +420 388 311 313
GPS: 49°0'44.072"N, 13°59'53.444"E | On the map >>
The collections in the Museum include historical Czech as well as European bobbin laces, the process of the of the bobbin lace making, various tools and accessories etc. Very interesting is the rich collection of historical Czech Tulle lace.

Archeopark Na Jánu – Netolice
Archeopark Na Jánu – Netolice, photo by: Address: vrch sv. Ján, Netolice
Phone: +420 388 324 251
GPS: 49°3'5"N, 14°12'9.999"E | On the map >>
Archeologie prezentovaná formou přímé rekonstrukce. Vyhlídková věž otevřena 1.5.–31.10., 7–18 hod., mimo sezónu pouze soboty a neděle, nebo po dohodě.

Paper creches Zábrdí u Husince
Paper creches Zábrdí u Husince, photo by: Address: Zábrdí u Husince čp.1
Phone: +420 388 324 251
GPS: 49°1'42.094"N, 13°56'23.44"E | On the map >>
Soukromá expozice cca 240 papírových betlémů. Podmalby na skle. OTEVŘENO: celoročně, lépe zatelefonovat předem.