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Local Products - Prachatice

Prachatice Mětýnky - a traditional Prachatice pastry, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.

Prachatice Hnětýnky

- a traditional Prachatice pastry

You will need: 1 kg fine flour, 1/2 block of real butter, 1 vanilla fruit, 0.5 kg sugar, 4 eggs

Prepare the dough the evening before, store it overnight in the fridge, and in the morning roll it out to about 1 cm thick. Cut out small and larger flowers with a cookie cutter, then bake them in a greased pan in a preheated oven for about 20-30 minutes. After baking, decorate them with white or chocolate frosting.
White frosting: mix 1 egg white for about 20 minutes with imbibed confectionery sugar. Use as much sugar as necessary to make the frosting thick enough. A few drops of sweet rum add flavour.
Dark frosting: Same as above, but add two or three small spoons of baking chocolate.
You can also stack the pastries with the frosting in between. Decorate them using your fantasy, use jelly candy cut-outs as decorations, etc. Our grandmothers used to decorate them with myrtle and rosemary leaves.

Prachatice pálenka, photo by: Archiv Vydavatelství MCU s.r.o.

Prachatice pálenka

This is one of the products that travelled in the opposite direction along the Golden Path from Bohemia to Passau – the renowned Prachatice Pálenka. This favourite herbal liquor, produced in accordance with the original recipe, can be bought today in the Infocentrum in the Old Town Hall (No. 1).